“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the results.” ~ Bob Proctor

If you want to accomplish your goals, find a way to hold yourself accountable, preferably to someone else. Think about professional athletes and other top performers. They are accountable to a coach and don’t want to let others down, especially fellow teammates.

Retired Navy Seals Trainer, best selling author, and founder of SealFit, Mark Divine says we are capable of 20x more than we think we can do! But to get to 20x we need accountability. In an interview with Mark, Ramit Sethi mentioned a time when he wanted to stop during a workout. His personal trainer ADDED weights and pushed him to do more. Guess what? He did it!

One of the main reasons I created this blog is to hold myself accountable for writing a legacy book that will hopefully help my grandchildren (and anyone else paying attention) define what it means to live a rich life and do it.

Of course being accountable to ourselves is ideal, but think about it. If you don’t feel like going to the gym, do you still go if you know no one is there waiting for you and no one will complain if you wait and do it tomorrow, the next day, or Monday? Would you go to work on time or at all on perfect sunny days (or cold, rainy days when you would rather snuggle in a cozy warm bed) if you weren’t accountable to someone other than yourself?

As I think about my life over the past half century, I realize that I accomplished the most when I was accountable to someone else. At one point, I got up at 3 a.m. and worked out with my best friend. I would have never done that on my own! I showed up consistently without excuses to lead my water aerobics class every day because I knew the group of seniors counted on me and I didn’t want to let them down. I published my Break the Cycle anthology by the deadline because I tied it in with an annual charity event and group of other writers.

Accountability helps me push through procrastination and stop making excuses to cover up for my inner critic that would rather I hang out in the comfort zone which is actually not a comfortable place for anyone with ambitions.

To hold myself accountable and overcome self-limiting behavior, I convince myself that it is my moral obligation to help others by sharing my unique gifts, stories, training, and experiences. Helping others is a powerful motivator to hold yourself accountable for doing the things you want and need to do.

If you want to accomplish your goals and live the life of your dreams, accountability will help you. I think that is why we see so many 30, 60, 90 Day Challenges, life coaches, personal trainers, mentors, and accountability apps such as Asana, My Fitness Pal, and Stickk popping up everywhere. We know how distracting the Internet and our busy lives can be. Accountability can help us stay focused and achieve our goals. 

Personal development pioneer Bob Proctor suggests using a M.A.P. to stay accountable.

Accountability is one of the best ways I can think of to rise above mediocrity and do the things we know we need to do to reach our full potential and live a rich life!

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The goal is not to get rich, the goal is to live rich. (1)

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer taught me about abundance. Before his teachings, I thought abundance was something you attracted to you through positive thinking and affirmations. While a positive attitude helps with many things in life, it is not the key to abundance.

What I discovered with the help of the late great Wayne Dyer is abundance is already there like radio waves: Q95, Star 106.9, 98.9 The Bear, 97.3 WMEE… you tune into it. The first step to abundance is awareness that the channels exist. You are now aware, start tuning in! 

Gratitude helps you tune into abundance. I will go into detail about gratitude in an upcoming post. In the meantime, what are you grateful for? Write it down. Every day. Making a gratitude list helps creates a visual to bring abundance into your awareness. I will write about visualization soon. For now, just know that writing down what you are grateful for is a powerful visual aid to help you live an abundant, rich life!

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Pre-Order The ABCs of a Rich Life

The ABCs of a Rich Life

Book #1 “A” 
Available January 1, 2018

What is a Rich Life?

The ABCs of a Rich Life

I am creating this blog as a legacy project dedicated to my grandchildren. I was originally going to write a book for them, which I still plan to do, but I quickly realized how much more than one book it will take to define a “Rich Life”, so I decided to break it down by making a blog post for each word. Once I have exhausted all the words for one letter, I will publish a book to add to the A-Z series. So, if you follow along on the blog, you will essentially read all the books for free in short sections!

The goal is not to get rich, the goal is to live rich.

Let’s start by defining the word “rich”. Darren Hardy, one of my favorite mentors, author, and founding editor of my favorite magazine, “Success” has this to say about being rich, “The goal is not to get rich. The goal is to live rich.” Learning to live rich is what this blog is about.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines rich as:  “Having abundant possessions and especially material wealth.”

This definition is what the majority of people think of when they hear the word rich. Ask a few of your friends what the word “rich” means to them. Having a lot of money will probably be their reply.

However, the dictionary has several other definitions of rich:

  • Having high value or quality
  • Well supplied or endowed
  • Magnificently impressive
  • Vivid and deep in color
  • Full and mellow in tone and quality
  • Having a strong fragrance
  • Highly productive or remunerative
  • Having abundant plant nutrients
  • Highly seasoned, fatty, oily, or sweet
  • High in the combustible component
  • High in some component
  • Entertaining
  • Laughable
  • Meaningful
  • Significant
  • Lush
  • Pure or nearly pure


Abundance, productive, pure, quality, significant… as you can see the definition of rich has vast and colorful meanings. I believe it is a subjective word that YOU can define for yourself. What does RICH mean to you?

In The ABCs of a Rich Life blog, I will share my “Rich” words along with some stories, quotes, and insights in an effort to inspire you to make your own list of words and interpretations so that you can have a powerful playbook to living a rich life!

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