Acting: Take 2


Act as if

“Act as if you were already the person you most want to be.” ~ Brian Tracy 

My last post was about the practical side of acting which can provide immense benefits in your life. This one will put your acting skills to good use! It is about the metaphysical side of acting which plays a major role in helping you live a rich life…


When you act as if, you suspend disbelief and move forward in faith. This “Rich Life” blog and upcoming book is me acting as if! I have complete faith that by acting as if I am living a rich life, the Universe will conspire on my behalf and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Acting as if can work for you or against you. It is your choice! It can be empowering or limiting. If you act as if you are poor and have a scarcity mindset, so it shall be.

What does someone with a poor mindset do? Typically they are self-centered, have a “poor me” victim mentality, pessimistic, negative self-talk, blame others, make excuses, gossip, feed on fear and drama, and complain about problems rather than seek solutions.

What does someone with a rich mindset do? They are optimistic action takers with a “can do” attitude, love to learn, generous, grateful, help others, and look for the lesson or opportunity in every adversity.

Note that someone who is “rich” by the traditional definition of having a lot of money can have a “poor” mindset which more often than not leads to sadness and despair, despite the illusion of living a rich life. Conversely, someone who may appear poor financially, can be rich in health and happiness which is the greatest wealth of all. 

What would make you feel rich? Is it driving a fancy car? You can act as if by going to the dealership and test drive your dream car! Is it living in a mansion? Call up the realtor and go check out some homes for sale in your ideal neighborhood.

Does a rich life mean travel to you? Get brochures from the visitor center where you want to go. Watch videos about that location. Join an area Facebook group and talk to the locals. Picture yourself there in your mind’s eye.

Does being rich mean having a lot of money in the bank? If so, start saving NOW. Put 20% of every dollar you make in a bank account that isn’t easy to access. Learn about compound interest. Invest in real estate, a business, or whatever your interests and research determines is a wise investment. Attend financial networking events. Read finance magazines. Join or create a mastermind group. That’s what financially rich people do!

Does the rich life include giving back and helping others? I hope so, because this will bring much happiness to you! Take 10% of that money you are saving and donate it to your favorite charity. Donate your time to a local homeless shelter, food bank, hospice, animal rescue… whatever is important to you.

When you act as if, you are the star of the show and can direct the movie of your life anywhere you want to go!

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“Suspend your disbelief and move out in faith toward your possibilities.”Dr. Ken Christian